Dental Hygiene

Dental hygiene is important to maintaining a healthy smile and having great oral health. We always like to stress that your overall health starts with how you care for your mouth. Home care is just as important as routine cleanings and exams.

At every appointment we will provide patients with a individual plan to implement for the time in between each cleaning. Everyone is different in what they need to help with maintaining in their mouth. Talk to us at your appointment about how to maintain your oral health in between appointments.


Steps for the proper brushing technique:



For a Quick Reference on Home Care We Recommend:

  • Brushing Morning & Night with a soft bristle toothbrush or electric brush.
  • Flossing or Tooth picking daily.
  • Brushing your tongue daily.
  • Avoiding sugary & acidic foods/drinks which both aid in tooth decay.  This includes low PH waters, sports drinks, juices, sodas, sweet tea. If you are a candy or gum person we recommend anything with xylitol sugar.








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