Dental Veneers

When a tooth has been broken, chipped or worn down and needs a stronger restoration than a filling our dentists will recommend a crown.

A crown is designed to protect the tooth from breaking and covers and protects the entire tooth from gum line to the biting surface.

The crown will match the shade of your existing teeth and look like your natural teeth.

Common Uses for Crowns/Veneers

  • Dental bridge – A dental bridge is used to replace a missing tooth. A dental crown is placed over the empty space, but it is supported by the adjacent teeth, and those teeth must be also crowned.
  • Excessive wear (from grinding/clenching) – Worn teeth need to be protected to prevent them from fractures or breaks. Crowns provide the needed protection.
  • Tooth discoloration – Some types of discoloration cannot be removed with teeth bleaching. Example: Tetracycline stains (darker or grayish color)
  • Broken or badly decayed teeth – If a tooth is badly broken, it doesn’t necessarily have to be replaced. It is possible to restore it. After treatment, a tooth that was badly decayed or that needed a root canal treatment is further protected with a crown.
  • Cosmetic reasons- helps close spaces in the anterior teeth. Helps with genetic tooth disorders such as peg laterals, missing teeth, or rotated teeth.