Pediatric Dental FAQs

We see children of all ages. We do get a lot questions concerning first time appointments and dental care for children. Below we will address a few of the top questions.

We have a lot of patients ask what age should we bring our child to the dentists?

  • We start seeing kids as soon as they get their first tooth.
  • We always do a “Happy Visit” for the first visit.
  • At this appointment we count teeth and explain everything we are using and doing.

What can I do to help my child not get cavities?

  • Try to limit the amount of sugary foods and drinks, sodas, acidic foods, and sticky foods.
  • We always suggest fluoride whether that be in toothpaste, waters, tablets, and at their 6-month checkups which we apply topically.

What if my child doesn’t want to brush their teeth?

  • We recommended trying to make brushing fun.
  • Whether that be playing a song that they brush to, using a child’s electric toothbrush or fun flavor toothpaste.
  • Brushing their teeth should be a fun time and good brushing habits are started early (when they start to get baby teeth in).


What is the right amount of toothpaste for your child?





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Keeping Ahead of COVID-19

Providing a safe environment for treatment and control for infectious disease is always a priority at Paul Stanovick DDS. Our expansive reception area and large outdoor deck provides space to easily support regulations surrounding social distancing. The treatment rooms provide an extra layer of protection as they are sanitized between each patient and provide clean air through air purifiers located in each room. You will see some changes during your next appointment as we have added precautions to protect patients and staff. You will be asked to enter the building with use of facial protection and asked to wear it until you are in the treatment room. Hand sanitizer is also available throughout the whole building for your use. You may notice that our magazine and children’s books have been removed from the reception area as they are harder to disinfect. We have installed plexiglass around our front reception area for added distancing between front staff and patients waiting for appointments. Air purifiers have been placed in every operatory with two larger purifiers in the front and back of the office. We have provided face shields, lab jackets and barrier gowns for all clinical staff. Our hours of operation will still remain Monday -Friday 8am-5pm. We are looking forward to seeing you again and are happy to answer any questions you may have about treatment and the safety precautions we are taking here at the practice. If you would like to make an appointment you can give us a call or text 804.781.1919. Thank you for your patience during these changing times and for your trust in us with taking care of your dental needs. Sincerely, Dr. Paul Stanovick, Dr. Brant Stanovick, and Staff.