How Receiving a Dental Crown Can Improve Your Smile

If you are looking for a dental restoration that can improve your smile, you may find that a dental crown is just right for a tooth that is damaged or discolored. The design of dental crowns can enable them to last decades and may repair significant dental damage for greater strength and dental support.

Our dental team is happy to provide further information on what you can expect from a dental crown and why it might be needed. One of the main uses of dental crowns is to provide protection and a more aesthetic appearance for a compromised tooth by completely covering the visible portion above the gum line.

Our dentist may recommend dental crowns for patients of all ages, even children–who typically experience a greater risk of tooth decay due to high sugar diets. You can also receive a dental crown to support a dental filling that doesn’t have enough tooth enamel to keep it secure, as the dental crown can bond the filling and tooth together for several years. Other uses of dental crowns are to complete the functions of additional dental restorations such as root canal treatment and dental bridges and implants.

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