Making the Most out of Water Flossers

Did you know that water flossers can be used as a suitable alternative to dental floss? It’s true because water flossers can clean between your teeth in areas that would typically require the use of dental floss. Furthermore, they are often heavily fortified to ensure that further outside influence does not occur.

When you’re ready to improve your oral health care, make sure that you know what you are doing and the products that you are using. Due to the varying effectiveness of water flossers, speak with our dentist about product recommendations and suggestions before using any product. It is also beneficial to look for the ADA Seal of Acceptance on product packaging, as it indicates a highly reliable product for cleaning your teeth.

Water flossers are helpful in situations where previous treatments may hinder the use of traditional dental floss treatments. If you wish to rinse out all areas between teeth but have dental bridges, implants or dental crowns in place, a water flosser may be able to still do the job effectively. Water flossers can even lower your risk for gum disease and tooth decay by effectively eradicating plaque and debris between teeth.

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