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A Badly Decayed Tooth Might Require Total Restoration with a Bridge

Ignoring a cavity can have serious implications to your overall oral health. If the problem goes too long without professional treatment, the tooth can become so badly decayed that our dentists, Drs. Paul and Brant Stanovick may recommend extracting it to prepare for a dental bridge treatment.

A bridge effectively mimics the appearance of the lost tooth. It is fused to a pair of crowns, which will later be anchored to the two closest neighboring teeth.

Once the tooth is extracted and your gums are healed, Drs. Paul and Brant Stanovick will start the process of restoring the missing tooth by removing the enamel layer of the two nearest teeth. After the enamel is reshaped, he will take an impression of the teeth.

At the end of this appointment, he will secure hard, plastic caps, known as temporary crowns, over each tooth.

The impression will be sent to a professional dental lab where your final bridge will be custom made.

Drs. Paul and Brant Stanovick will call you in for a brief second appointment when the dental lab has completed your bridge. The temporary crowns are then removed and your dentist will cement the permanent bridge into place.

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