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These Benefits of Dental Veneers Can Help You Achieve Your Best Smile Yet

If you want a more beautiful smile for the holidays, dental veneers can help you achieve the smile of your dreams! The advanced design of dental veneers enables them to effectively transform your smile with minimal effort. If you are hemming and hawing over dental veneers, our dentists, Drs. Paul and Brant Stanovick can help you make your choice by offering a list of the benefits of this service.

Dental veneers are very versatile and customizable to your needs because you can receive just one veneer for a single abnormal tooth or apply veneers to all of your front teeth for a brand-new smile. To learn more about the possibilities of dental veneers, review this list of benefits:

– Dental veneers cover the full tooth, allowing them to fill irregular spaces and close gaps between teeth.

– Their stain-resistant material helps dental veneers repel staining and avoid becoming discolored–which natural teeth often cannot avoid.

– With proper care, dental veneers can last 10 or more years, making them one of the longer-lasting cosmetic treatments available for patients who want to invest in their smiles.

– If your teeth have suffered from tooth decay or injury, dental veneers can address the resulting flaws and enhance your smile’s appearance.

– Dental veneers are widely considered as one of the premier restorative options due to their customizable nature, which allows your dentist to create a flawless smile for you.

If dental veneers in Mechanicsville, Virginia, seem like the ideal treatment for your smile, we invite you to contact Paul R. Stanovick, DDS at 804-781-1919 and schedule your consultation with our experienced dentist.